By Mathioya Mathioya

10 Dirty and vulgar words taking over Kenya by storm; Number five will surprise you.


1. Fisi-Team Mafisi

This word has become the most commonly used in the Kenyan urban streets. It is penetrating deep into the up market suburbs and softly taking over all generations.

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Fisi is a Kiswahili word referring to a wild animal known as a hyena in English, however, in Kenya; its intended meaning is too vulgar to even imagine being called it.

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Its use is commonly used to refer to a pervert like person who preys and salivates on seeing other people’s wives or husbands.

The term Team Mafisi summarizes the whole spectra bringing along a group of deadly perverts who can pounce on your wife or husband easily with eyes.


2. Haga

This is the dirty sheng word that refers to ladies behind assets. People with a plus size back offices are widely referred to with this word.

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When you do something peculiar to others that irritates, you can be easily referred to as ‘haga wewe’ by the dirty fueled Kenyans.


3. Sponsor

A sponsor is a useless man or woman who has no reasoning while spending on someone who isn’t into him or her as such.

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Sponsors are commonly old aged and lack the audacity to respect their lovers. In Kenya, the moment you hear someone refer to you as a sponsor, know you are useless, unreasonable, you lack morals and stupidly philanthropic.


4. Kuro

This is a word used to refer to men and women in the city who scavenge on any man or woman available in the streets. It is a dirty word that you should never imagine someone calling you.

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5. Makali

This is an outlawed kind of a drink that can easily kill you in a second.

It is demonstrated by one scolding and writhing in pain to show how it is a killer and a bitter herb it can be while cutting through your throat.

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Someone offers you a makali in Kenya, run away as fast as you can.


6. Kukuta Vitu

This is the street word used in referring to the act of making love. Some says ‘alikukuta vitu’ read between the lines and ask him when.


7. Ong’ng’o

This word is used to refer to one night stand ladies. These ladies are normally aware you will use them for that night and they have their way out by escorting them with something.

You are a lady and a man calls you Ong’ng’o you now know your use.

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