By Safarionline Editorial


URP Political circles are becoming hot than ever.

Over the last whole month, they have been feeding the scribes with ink on the writer’s desk in their political wars within and without.

Alfred Keter, whom life-line in the URP party is on the check, has been recruiting followers to his bandwagon. Recently, he started a campaign aimed at ousting the cabinet secretary for devolution.

The motion to oust Waiguru had marshaled enough support by garnering the enough thresholds by end of last week and was consequently; expect to be used against the defiant cabinet secretary who is said to have been involved in a series of scams.

And now, hours later, 20 URP legislators write’s to the speaker to withdraw signatures in Keter’s Waiguru ouster motion, after DP’Ss intervention, goes the emerging details .

This has left Alfred Keter on the circular card to remain with the support of CORD alone or face a backlash bearing in mind Jubilee’s majority leader Aden Duale is leading onslaught against the motion together with his troop.

The URP party leader who doubles up as the second in command within the administration called on all URP legislators warming up to move a motion of ousting Ann Waiguru from her cabinet post to stop their gimmicks and work for their people.

This came moments after details circulated heavily within the media and the battlegrounds that URP was waging war against TNA due to the fact that they feel to have been shortchanged by their counterparts.

This has been in relation to the appointment of the cabinet. After some URP cabinet secretaries were sacked due to corruption related issues, it was taken in their abodes that they were supposed to be reinstated back the moment the Kenya Anti Corruption cleared them.

This has not happened as it was thought to be.

CORD legislators have been on the move to try and lure the rebel counterparts in Jubilee side who seem to be in a state of discomfiture to join them in fighting the UHURuto administration from within.

However, it has not been all that easy since whenever they try to throw tantrums the whips in the jubilee side have been outsmarting them in calming down the storm.


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