By Liza Njagi

4 Things that can terribly slow Down your Sex Mood and activity

A healthy sex life is the ultimate goal for every couple. Statistics indicate that your daily lifestyle can highly affect your life under those sheets.

What you need is a boost in your lubido. Check out these things that you are doing that are affecting your sex life that you desperately need.

1. Alcoholism

That glass of wine you enjoy after work will temporarily turn on your moods, but this will be temporal.

As the world gets advanced each and every day, people are getting into an obscene lifestyles that are so much affecting their life in a day to day basis.

Let me start by saying that alcoholism affects one’s sex life. Many have no idea about it. Previously, people used to take traditional liquor.

The good thing about this traditional liquor is that it had no chemicals added into it.


If your boss has not given that salary advance that you needed so much, do not take it to your bed.

The most advisable thing we can offer you is, leave office stress the moment you leave there to avoid affecting your sex life.

3. Cycling

Riding a bicycle is as tragic as being alcoholic. There are types of bicycles that can affect your sex life always.

Avoid the one stand bicycles; they cause genital sensational arousal to ladies which are not sensible to a woman who would like to live a healthy sex life.

4. Lack of enough sleep

Having a cool time in your bed is one of the best things ever that you can have in your life.

Sleeping adequately is highly mentioned in almost every medical proposal that is given out.

If you miss sleeping enough, you have a risk of having a very rough sex life.

Next time, talk to your man the moment he chooses to mess up with your sleep over sex. Tell him, that sleep will bolster your love life. You now know it!




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