By Liza Njagi

5 Stingy Nairobi Men ladies should avoid like plague.

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1. They insist on buying you Guarana

This is quite laughable. It is funny to imagine that even after this drink being the cheapest drink for a lady in the market, some find it fancy.

This drink is for young village girls who are being introduced to Nairobi life. A man in Nairobi at this 21st century cannot fool you with Guarana in an attempt to claim he is taking you out.

You meet with this kind of man, speed off for your safety. He is not loaded.

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 2. Open beer Bottles with their teeth

My friend Vicky who drinks regularly says men in Nairobi are so indigenous.

They can drink a whole salary in a day but they cannot afford to get money to buy a house key bottle opener.

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When they call on waiters to open there beer and as usual, if she delays somewhere doing nothing to just ignore them, especially if one happen to be stingy patrons, they will use their teeth to open the bottle.

The reason behind this is due to their continued impatience and unbecoming behavior.

They will do this to avoid giving tips to the waiters and waitresses who normally expect something in kind if they attend to then in the recommended style.

This should stick in your mind girl. Avoid this kind of a man in all terms possible.

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3. They insist on spending an out with you in Lodgings

You have met this kind of Nairobi man. I am pretty sure you had the most boring night of your lifetime.

It’s not fun to go through a sleepless night hearing the cracking sounds of over used lodging beds as your neighbor makes up with his clade.

Girl, get this is the point; the man is not married, right? Where is the big deal if he takes you to his house to spend a night after a night out?

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They will give you a million reasons of how their brother and sister are packed in his one bedroom house in Kasarani.

What the hell do you have to do with his relative? Watch out, you headed down into a long drain. Run! Run away from such kind of a man dear girl, the moment he hints out on taking you to lodging, especially, if he is married.

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 4.They take you to Java on your first date

It is not wrong to take someone for a cup of coffee to Java. However, broke men who want to prey on potential clades and get quick favors will take this short cut to achieve their mean dreams.

It is commonly a blanket way of trapping you. I am advising ladies out of experience, a man who is quick to take you to middle class joint whose brands have grown obsolete are normally not real.

A real man is quickly identified through his great and amazing works; he will not treat you depending on where he chooses to but where you think both of you fit in.

Java is overrated and is obviously not a real class joint in Nairobi; it is just an alternative to other out of the world fast foods chains with a catchy name.

5. Speak so much about their past successes

A man is judged by his actions, what he has and deeds. Men are so physical.

This is the reason why a man who talks of how rich and successful he was and has nothing to show on should be treated with utmost contempt that he deserves ladies.

He will talk of how he owned an E-class Mercedes Benz, how he rode and rolled with the mighty, but as of now, he has nothing to show.

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