By Liza Njagi

8 Signs you are with the Man to marry you.

You have kept on wondering who the man to marry you out there? You are currently rolling with a number of men thus spoilt for choices amongst them, you cannot figure out who will walk you down the aisle? Some have even broken your heart the most even when you thought they would take you for their wives. Never mind, stop the break-up you are planning to execute, just stick with him because these are the right signs showing you he is the man.

1. Always Brags about You

This man can be a normal friend you hang around with. He might be a colleague or wherever. To know he is the one, they will always feel proud of you, brag the way they admire you. They will tell people around them about you. You see this sign, he might be the one.

2. They sacrifice a lot for you

This man will leave his job early to help you out in moving in to another apartment. They will move towns to come and be around you always, it does not matter whether their work station is mile away. They sacrifice to be driving or commuting every morning to their work station every morning.

3. You share same values

Watch out for this man dear, if you realize you share similar sentiments in almost everything, he might be the right guy for you. You plan to live in the country-side when you retire and you find it is the same case with him. You love kids and realize he also loves them.

4. He Remains a Gentleman even after years

Being a gentleman is not fun. Men know this, girl, if a man remains to be a gentleman even after years of you being together and never changes his flimsy treat over you, he is the right man for you. A man you been with for years now and still opens doors for you make sure you stick with him he is your man.

5. He doesn’t try to change you

If he is the man for you to marry, he will always be ok with who you are. You cannot cook? He is ok with that since he knows you are the best thing he will ever have. Stick with him, he is your man.

6. You survived a long Distance Relationship

You once were in a long distance relationship with him, and no issue occurred over the period. I mean you survived the relationship with him. It’s a clear indication that he is seriously the man you need to spend your entire life with.

7. He is the one you share all the secrets with

You sometimes ago shared your intimate stories with your parents but now it’s all about him? This is a clear indication you are destined to live together. Move on to the next and get married.

8. You can cry in front of him without feeling shy

This is an absolute prove that you guys love each other, give him a nod and marry as soon as possible, he is your right man.




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