By County Correspondent


A family escapes Death In Muusini village, Machakos county as El Nino strikes.

Residents from the suburbs of Machakos town have called on the county government to take urgent measures to save them from the impact of the rains.

The heavy rains witnessed in the area are the first since the beginning of the rainy season and more damage is hoped for if urgent measures are not taken.


In Muusini village a family escaped death when a   falling stone destroyed their house .

The rock which fell from Mavoloni Hills resulted in the family of Muthama Muamati being entombed in the debris of their mud house.

Luckily their spouse and the kids managed to safely escape. Muamati was rescued by the villagers with a minor injury.

Yatta MP Hon. Francis Mwangangi who visited the family urged residents to move to safer grounds.

Not so long ago a similar incident killed more than 20 people when it fell from the same and rolled down.2 deaths also resulted from a similar incident in 2013.

Elsewhere more than 20 houses were swept away by floods in Kimutwa and hundreds of villagers rendered homeless.

Stones in the Kaseve area are also causing a worry to the motorists flying the busy Machakos roads.

They have called on the county government to remove the stones which threaten to barricade the road if the rains continue.

The county has allocated 300 million to fight El Nino and no efforts can be traced so far yet the rains have already started. The residents have thus called for urgent measures.






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