By Pastor Francis Omedo

This was Oswald Chambers take, Sum up the life of Jesus by any other standard but God’s, and it is an anti-climax of failure.
This is what I read about a Hollywood partying fanatic that said, “The  idea of life is living with enjoyment, as much enjoyment as you can from a very imperfect world.

If you fail to look at your life that way, you can go right through it with absolutely a zero at the end,-I mean, when you disappear, so what?

You have not left a footprint, a mark, or anything at all.
A greater understanding of what success is can be gained from discovering what it is not. Therefore, we dissect into the common descriptions of what people call success and eliminate what success is not.

Success is the achievement of something worthwhile, valuable beyond you. It is the realization of triumph after fighting boldly against the impediment of life

Success is also exploitation of un-searched land, tapping the unknown resources. It is finishing the assignment you are given by the master designer, God.

It is the realization of the reason for your creation.
Success is attainment of wholeness. It is not a state of having or just occupying a place but of being or becoming.

It is the accomplishment of the task and satisfying the chief reviewer.
Examples are myriad in our day and time of the so-called successful people. However, who really is successful and what is success?
Jesus, the greatest leader to grace the face of the earth, would be classified as a failure today by most measuring yards.
He was a leader without any congregation at hand, a pastor without a building and a teacher without a class. He had no boat, or donkey, the known mode of transportation then, of his own and no decent place to lay his head.
Yet this man changed the cause of history and had the greatest impact on humanity than anyone has ever or will ever have.
His purpose was clear to him and he was committed to the accomplishments of his assignment on earth. With this clearly ahead of him, nothing could distract him, no opposition or pain could stop him.
He was success personified.

He epitomizes to us today how a man or woman with clear purpose, gathers necessary tools to fulfil his assignment and leaves maximum benefits to the greatest number of people.

Now that is success.
Join me and let us find out whether we understand what we mean when we say we want to be successful and whether we are prepared to be successful

To be continued…


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