By Mathioya Mathioya

There was drama in the leafy suburbs of kileleshwa today when a vocal MP was busted romping his secretary.

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As he was feeding on the forbidden, his wife busted him in the middle of the game after tracking him in the wee morning hours.

He is said to have cheated his wife that he had to rush for an early morning office errand in their family business offices situated in Kileleshwa.

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It is believed he walked out of their home some minutes to four o’clock to meet with his clade that they had organized to have the forbidden fruit in their office.

According to the neighbors and workers who reported to work in the offices as usual to quell the drama, it is believed the clade works in their family business.

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the MP is said to be so vocal In parliament that when his constituents realize the undoing story he might face a backlash since it is rumors have it that he has fed on the constituency development fund without doing any tangible project to show since he was appointed to the office.

The wife who appeared minutes before he offloaded his soaring products to the clade said to the paparazzi that he has been suspecting his husbands motives towards the sassy woman who works as a secretary to them.

On that fateful morning she says that after his husband feigned an early meeting in his parliament office with constituents, the wife was suspicious since as it goes no constituent who could appear in the office that early to have a meeting with mheshimiwa.

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However, despite the fact that the wife insisted to the police for the arrest of the man, the police shied away from taking him behind the bars since they were sure his name would be tarnished in public choosing to frisk him away without the notice of the crowd that had gathered after screams emerged from the private offices.

The affair is believed to be as old as the man was elected into the elective post. Our attempts to take a photo flopped since the police managed to frisk him away without us noticing. All in all that the story,A vocal MP busted romping his secretary in Kileleshwa.

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