Alfred Keter will now roast in his own pan! Declares URP legislators.

His Proverbial Nine Lives of a cat are over, he has remained controversial and defiant.

In a move that has seen him receive a cold reception from his constituents who see his recent moves as a disrespect of the highest order to the deputy president who enjoys a massive support from the region.

Alfred Keter is back with a new onslaught calling for Ann Waiguru’s dismissal from the cabinet.

Aden Duale who is a staunch fighter of the government has put it clear to those bringing on Waiguru issue are supporters of the ICC who have brought in a diversionary tactic in the mix, the pointman on the issue is none other than the Member of Parliament for Nandi hills, Alfred Keter.

Alfred Keter is not only battling the Waiguru motion saga, he has a court case and not a common case for the record, the case has been putting him down over and over again after he was involved in a brawling spur with Gilgil weighbridge officers.

This is where he had dragged president Kenyatta’s name not to mention a couple of state house administrators that he brought into the saga.

The fate of the case is yet to be determined.

Keter has been fighting the cabinet despite the fact that he has been silenced by his fellow URP legislators to respect the Jubilee administration bearing in mind that it is the party that sponsored him to parliament.

Political seers in in the Deputy Presidents backyard have clearly predicted that this legislator is in for a shock in the coming election owing to the court he has hanged on himself as a black sheep.

A political analyst from the region and whom we will not mention in this platform, says the politician as hanged himself in his own yard.

However, he has previously not been alone, on this attempt of trying to make a public stunt with scandals that he thinks might propel him to cheap publicity.

In his endeavors, he has not been a lone ranger, Other Jubilee bad boys who have been singing a similar song against the government have ultimately been silenced by the jubilee tyrants over time.

The main critic of the Jubilee who has been on back and forth with the government has been Isaac Ruto.

In a matter of time he was put off by the deputy president despite the fact that he had traversed the entire Rift valley region singing a different song from the other URP legislators.

This was the time he was the council of Governors chairman.

Through the pesa mashinani initiative, he remained opposed to the government playing deaf on the calls from his fellow legislators to keep silent and stop opposing the Government.

At one time, he was under a threat from impeachment by his Bomet county MCS.

This however, did not stop Ruto from Laing attacks on the government.

This has a cost and in the end, it might cost him the parliamentary seat come 2017.


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