By Mathioya Mathioya

Ann Waiguru’s Dream of becoming Nairobi Governor Blows up.

Shortly after her ouster from government, where she served as a cabinet secretary, Ann Waiguru has resurfaced once again.

She is not ready to bow out of the public eye as many would assume. Corruption allegations that were leveled against her are not bothering her either.

Nevertheless, she has not been cleared off graft undoings from her shoulders as her former colleague’s battle with investigation arms.

It’s like she wants to try out politics. Previously, many political pundits had predicted her possible entry into the Kenyan political domain; however, many underscored their speculations.

Now, she has come out blatantly into the same social media that highly contributed to her ouster flagged by the blanket umbrella of women who are claiming to be endorsing her for the Nairobi gubernatorial office.

Is it true Ann Waiguru is positioning herself to vie for Nairobi gubernatorial seat? It is not laughable affair.

It’s a valid dream. She has not publically declared that she would will vie but when a group of women emerged from nowhere and declared that they would support her for the governorship seat, it cannot have happened out of blues.

She must have been consulted widely before the women called the media for the declaration to support her.

Now she is back, slowly but sure, speculations of her bouncing back started when she was hosted in one of the mainstream media house for an interview.

Many thought she was readying herself for a senior government post while some hinted she had been appointed as an ambassador.

This has not come to pass, what is now in hand is that Ann Waiguru might be scheming to topple Nairobi Governor Evans Kidero by all means.

As Political analysts will argue, Jubilee could be having a hand in this. That is grooming her to challenge the CORD’s faction and ultimately recover the Nairobi county seat which they think is rightfully theirs.

With these happenings getting over the social media that worked on Waiguru’s fall from that government appointment as a cabinet secretary, it’s only prudent if we just watched as things unfold from a distance.

This is with hopes that the social media will not kill her dreams once again.



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