Britain’s PM David Cameron visit To Kenya Likely;It’s A Hot-bed of Luminaries.

Kenya for a long time, has been negatively covered by the international media.

But for now, it’s definitely a hot-bed of luminaries. The East African economic giant has been receiving world attention for months now, not for wrong reasons, but for reasons of housing the top world leaders and religious figures.

It’s only a few days ago when the pope visited the country. Now British Prime minister David Cameron is set to be on his way to grace the beauties of Kenya.

Kenyan president Uhuru Kenyatta met the British premier some months ago and sources indicated that the government had extended its gratuity by inviting the UK premier to Kenya.

There is a likelihood of him making a high end visit, which of course will bring a positive nod to the country.

If he happens to land here, it will foster huge economic impact to Kenya ranging from tourism to trade and industry.

Britain has been Kenyan traditional friend for a long time. There have been military ties going along in between the countries for centuries.

The ties spans back to the colonial days. Despite the fact that British were Kenya’s colonial master, the top British leadership has not been so much into Kenya in terms of state visits.

Kenyan military has been fighting terrorism in the neighboring Somalia with series of attacks being leveled against it.

This will definitely be the right time for the UK’s premier to come to Kenya to help in the revival of tourism industry that has of late been taking infant gains.

Britain had in the wake of terror threats advised its citizens not to come to Kenya a move that hurt Kenya tourism sector big.

This was because; the Britons normally take the largest chunk of tourist who tour the country annually.



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