By David Mwitari

Brookhouse School tops;Stunning Architectural designs of the most expensive Private schools in Kenya.

Kenyans are fond of quality education. Recently, Kenya was declared a middle class economy.

This is going hand in hand with growth in infrastructure, health and ultimately education system.

Private schools are making land mark buildings that cannot be compared to the government schools in any way.

The following are the out of these world architectural designs made for these schools in Kenya.

1. Brookhouse International School

Brookhouse school
Brookhouse school

This school is located a few kilometers from the Nairobi city. Its serene environment is inspired by the Nairobi National park that is closely adjacent to it.

It gained its popularity in Kenya after hosting the Kenya presidential candidates in 2013 for their nationally televised debate.

2. Braeburn Schools

Braeburn school
Braeburn school

It’s among the most expensive private school in Kenya. It has always been associated with the rich and the mighty in Kenya.

However, its architectural designs are out of this world. The architects, who worked on it, took time to put the structure down.

3. The Banda School

Banda school
Banda school

It is found in Nairobi’s Langata suburbs. It is also ranked among the most expensive schools in Kenya due to the high fee charges that they charge their student population.

The most interesting thing about the school is that, it more costly while joining it program. Check out their stunning architectural designs.

4. Gems Cambridge International school Kenya

Gems Cambridge International school
Gems Cambridge International school

This stunning school is as cute as its name in terms of architecture. It has other sister schools all over the world.

It is adjacent to the leafy suburbs of Karen. To get a real glimpse of the school, take a drive to Rongai, its design and architecture glitter will stun you.

5. Hillcrest International school

Hillcrest school
Hillcrest school

This school offers all levels of education. It is also among the top three most expensive schools in Kenya.

The fee is few thousands to a million. But if all expenses are factored, it is equal to your ten year salary. Remember, this is per term.




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