By Cleophas Muthama

Brought down by ‘KOT’ partnership with MPs, Ann Waguru legacy marches none.

Ministry of devolution and planning cabinet secretary madam Anne Mumbi Waiguru finally resigned citing her health status as the reason for her resignation.

She is the first CS in the Jubilee government to resign. Since June this year, corruption claims astounded the enormous devolution docket and they have been persistent the latest been the expose by PAC of over prized items in the department.

This led to calls from legislators both in Jubilee and CORD to join in the calls for her resignation. Kenyans on social media were not left behind too.

But forget all this, what legacy has she left?

Waiguru monitored transfer of functions to county Governments

When she was first appointed devolution CS after the 2013 elections, the huge challenge of overseeing the implementation of devolution was placed on her.

Though surrounded with numerous challenges she managed to oversee the kick starting of counties and the successful transfer of functions such as health to the counties.

Brain behind Huduma Centres

Think of Huduma centers, a revolutionary concept in service delivery which has hastened the delivery of services by having all government services under one roof in many counties.

This has earned Kenya numerous awards such as the overall winner in improving the Delivery of Public Services category in the United Nations Public Service Award (UNPSA) held in May this year.

Led Uwezo Fund Implementation process

Uwezo fund implementation and the framework there of was done by the devolution ministry. Thousands of youth groups all over the country have benefited from this soft loans and started projects which earn them income.

The 30% Access To Government Procurement Opportunities (AGPO) is a life altering idea that has revolutionized procurement in Kenya.

The youth, women and people with disability have registered companies and are now doing business with government for the first time in Kenyan History.

Brought collapsed NYS to its senses

A milestone achievement was the successful rebranding of the NYS and operationalization in cleaning and upgrading of slums.

The youth in the slums have been able to save hundreds of millions and clean up the areas they reside in, this has also reduced crime rate in the slums and improved infrastructure a big deal.

Admissions to NYS has also more than tripled and the institutions is also offering more practical courses such as mechanics, computing and traffic control among other courses.

Oversaw IFMIS which ultimately brought her down

She also oversaw IFMIS reengineering, IDP resettlement among other achievements.

She might be out but she has left a legacy that has revolutionized Kenya, benefiting the youth and transforming lives.

That’s why she is the best CS jubilee government had. A big percentage of Jubilee government achievements are directly attributed to her, that’s the other side of Ann Waiguru an excellent performer.



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