By David Mwitari

Chilling tricks Githurai’s Network of Gangs Use to swindle your daily sweat.

Welcome to Githurai, a naughty suburb in the edge of Nairobi North. Songs have been sung in praise of this heavily crowded residence. Ironically, Githurai has not lived to this glory.

The Na Wasee Tumetoka Githurai hit marketed the area greatly in the early periods of the 21st century.

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This led to a massive migration of Nairobi residents who were looking for a cheaper and an alternative living space to the area. Unreasonably, many assumed Githurai is the cheapest abode you could have settled in Nairobi.

In market places, some chaps shower praises of how the area is cheaper than Eastlands by hundred folds without minding that cheap is expensive.

Additionally, on the social media platform, people ridicule Githurai which normally waters down the seriousness its crime scenes deserves.

In Githurai, the largest population is made up of those individuals who crave for that extra coin you toil to make everyday.

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However, does not worry, to help save you from this guagmire, learn these tips that they use and pass them to that person next to you by sharing? To help you out, this is how this network of gang works and their common tricks.

1. They Masquerade as touts

My friend,do not think everyone who is willing to help you into that mathree cares that much about you.

Those few characters that have been to Githurai, public transport vehicles commonly known as Mathree is larger in population than that of the people.

Touts shout at the highest voice pretending to be the reason why you will get into that mathree. Wale wa tao…..they always shout on top of their voices.

Buses hoot one after the other and if caught on this confusion, my friend if not careful, you will blame the fate for you not owning a car, living in a three bed roomed house somewhere in thindigua and being a ladload.

Boys who are experienced in mugging normally take advantage of this situation and deplete passenger’s pockets as they struggle to get into these buses.

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Watch over them, not everyone is a tout to escot you to your seat. This is what many love thinking it a pleasure to be called madam on your way to the car.

2. Feigning village ignorance

That person, who is eying your sweat, is not that sheng influenced young boy from korogocho or majengo as many assume.

Yes, it doesn’t matter where that person who will take you down to bankruptcy hail from, the point is bewaring of anyone who is begging for that attention from you.

A large bunch of this network of Githurai thieves, pretend to be so naïve and dumb from the village to ensure you feel at ease with them.

By the time you are through with sympathising with them, they will have thoroughly been done with your wallet. Feigning village naivity is common there and if not careful, you will fall to this trap.

3. Fake Boda Boda Clients

This new trick has not gotten into many people’s minds. Trust me; you are very lucky to know about it.

On your way to boarding a boda boda, there is that person who seems to be in a hurry to get to somewhere and so much ready to help the boda boda rider to earn more coin.

He or she will insist on boarding that bike despite the fact that it supposed to ferry one passage. If you agree to fall into this trap, you are giving a thug that darling pin number to your bank account.

The moment you transit to your destination of choice enjoying company, you will have gone down in history as the poorest foolish character to have slept with the devil.

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4. Errant city council askari-Kanjo

The fact that Nairobi city council askaris harass hawkers, it does not warrant that to stop you while on your way to the mitumba den. Githurai thieves take advantage of this behavior.

When they realize you are an ignorant fellar who is careless in Nairobi and fears thinking right, they will pounce on you in groups and pretend to be arresting you for crimes better known to them.

By the time they release you in confusion, members of this gang will have depleted your entire week savings as they manhandle your pocket.

If they pounce on you in Githurai, be sure you are among the most stupid people in Nairobi. This is because they normally watch someone closely before such kind of tactic is employed on you.

Watch out, it is Githurai a sluggish abode in Nairobi.Beware, when they ever land on someone, do not pretend to be aware of their business.

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Walk away and never look back unless by alerting the security officers. The reason being, it is a smart gang and a network that operates in unison to reap from your hardly earned cash.

When one of the network is outsmarted while in business, which of course rarely happens, it is the moment you will know they work in battalions in their attempt to rescue one another.

They do it in a well co-ordinated manner in pretence feigning as a concerned parties. If caught in this fire, run fast as you always do when avoiding sin. Else, you will be a mob justice culprit in your attempt to act like a know it all Nairobian.

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