Citizen TV’s Kanze Dena and Lulu Hassan smoked out of Royal Media’s fast rising show.

As things heat up in competition amongst the media houses to grasp the Kenyan market share, both radio and TV stations are repeatedly, realigning to bring the best out of their talents.

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Royal media services which owns citizen TV is also on the verge of doing a minor change in their news desk, particularly the Swahili desk.

As the shake off hit the ground, the latest to be affected is the Kanze Lulu duo who broadcast the weekend Swahili top of the hour’s prime time news.

Salim Swale photo
Salim Swale photo

Their blend has been indeed among the best in Kenya’s with some insightful broadcast in their nature of delivery.

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And now, the Sunday Swahili segment has been stripped off from them and another new talent has been brought in to fill their shoes on the desk.

Salim Swale who has earned a name through his great prowess in news reporting in the citizen Swahili desk will now take over the Sunday’s prime time news bulleting.

The show will now be called Nipashe Jumapili with Swale. Kanze Dena and Lulu Hassan have earned a name to themselves by being among the top Swahili news anchors having been born in the coastal region where they were brought up and ironed their breed.

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Swale Salim joined the Citizen Swahili desk from a Tehran broadcaster and was promptly taken in as a Swahili editor in the royal media services company that owns a number of vernacular and citizen radio with a substantial market share in the advertising industry.

Salim Swale photo
Salim Swale photo

Few Kenyans and the world, welcome Salim Swale in the world of news anchoring only time will tell.

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