Clumping of the irresponsible fathers

By Sam K. Mburu

On May 26th Lady Justice Mumbi Ngugi ruled that all birth records will have mandatory inclusion of father’s name even if they are born out of the wed lock; with or without the father’s permission.

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This will help smoke out irresponsible fathers who impregnate innocent women and helplessly, leave them to care for the child. Moreover, the ruling will put to an end single-motherhood menace that is taking shape in Kenya.

The ruling will also help children in claiming inheritance from their fathers and hence making them responsible. It will also help in putting to an end the stigma and discrimination against children.

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It is also worth to note that the ruling will be welcomed with a warm smile by those good fathers who may want to take good care of their children.

However, the law has some repercussions. The ruling stated that it is not a must to have the father’s consents for his name to be included in the birth certificate.

This means, women are allowed to register the child with or without the father’s presence. With this, wicked women might illegitimately, register a father who might not be the real father of the child out of malice.

Additionally, there is also a possibility of another group of boys who may take advantage of girls from rich families especially teenagers.

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Ladies, especially those commonly referred to as “gold-diggers” may also take advantage of rich men. They will lure to their best, to take advantage of the rule and ultimately achieve their ill dreams.

It is important for the architect of the law to try and look into broader issues that affect children born out of wedlock and address them in a broader perspective.

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