CORD’s Protests against IEBC Threatens Kenya’s tourism sector; pundits weigh in.      By Sam Mburu K                         

It is another week of demonstrations by Kenya’s opposition chiefs. They have vowed to continue with the demonstration until IEBC is fully disbanded, henceforth, at least twice a week.

The question lingering in every Kenyan mind is; after IEBC disbandment, what next? To the other side of the divide is, could it be a calculated move to destabilize the country through boisterous demonstrations?

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Two CORD legislators from wiper Democratic Movement have condemned the demonstration terming it as a channel to get Nusu mkate.One of them being Mwingi north MP John Munuve who clearly said that the opposition is after a coalition government.

Truth is that the demonstrations have already started affecting the economy of the country especially the tourism sector, which had shown some signs of growth after it were largely affected by security mayhems two years ago.

Cabinet secretary for Tourism Najib Balala attested this by saying that demonstrations are not sending the right signals to foreign investment.

The economy is expected to be hurt more especially bearing in mind that what the opposition is perpetuating every now and then, in the name of disbandment of IEBC commission is next to impossible and will not be happening soon if the Kenya constitution is followed rightfully.

This is because constitution provides for procedures of removal of an official in any commission or a body.

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The disbandment of any constitutionally formed commission calls for a constitutional amendment which might take some time.

If CORD successfully gets their demands of IEBC disbandment as they claim, other commissions constituted under the constitution may face a similar fate.

For example, the Judicial service commission which is currently going through turbulent times may face the same axe bearing in mind it is in unstable condition.

Failure to strictly follow the law will result in anarchy which might lead into a politically unstable nation hence, plunge the country into an economic crisis.

Businesses are currently getting into a closure in some counties in Nyanza, specifically singling out Kisumu and Migori.

This is ultimately scaring away potential investors in the areas.

To avoid our Kenya economy from collapsing, let all the parties involved come into a round table talk and express their view openly other than engaging in roughly engineered demonstrations.

If CORD coalition is genuinely advocating for what is demanding, demonstrating is not the only vessel to air grievances.

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There are other channels of goodwill that can lead into a fruitful expulsion of the IEBC officials.

To salvage the Kenya economy that is crippling down the collapse route slowly, an amicable solution should be established as soon as possible.

Daily, weekly, monthly or even annual  demonstrations will never solve the IEBC problem but will rather intensify instability in different sectors.

If nominating 5 members from both opposition and Government will provide solution, well and good. Any mean to bring back peace should be warmly welcomed.

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