By Liza Njagi

Critical Lessons we learn from Pope visit to Kenya.

The pontiff visit to Kenya has been a big blessing. The pope has visited the most essential places in Kenya.

He was such a humble man of God in that all denominations united to welcome him. The government support towards his blessed visit was felt in all manner and senses.

The organizers had made a thorough planning with adequate support from the church which show the way the church in Kenya can get things done.

These are the things that we can from the Pontiffs visit to Kenya.

1. Corruption Is evil

Many take corruption to be a way of life. People amass wealth out of corruption without that premeditation that wealth is a superficial gratuity.

They will waste most of their time doing dirty deals out of corruption and not spare enough time to do good deals even at a time when they are in a position to make things happen without corrupting.

Some have everything at their disposal to make things happen through the right way, but they can’t let go that corruption money.

All they have to learn is that corruption is an evil vice. One should avoid it like plague.

2. Virtue of being Meek

Pope Francis showed that one can be patient and humble in God.

Kenya as a nation require meekness especially the politicians. Many politicians have taken it to divide Kenyans since they have that podium to charge Kenyans against something.

They have no heart to wait for something that is said to take some of their time before it shows up. From Pope Francis, meekness should be part and parcel of our life.

3. Modesty is more self-fulfilling than dummy stunts

When power is at your disposal, avoid being a pomp and color individual.

It makes things more complicated for everyone, which is not the right thing whatsoever.

You make it easy and live easy with modesty. People love you and get attracted to your deeds.

During the pope’s visit, he always transited in humble Honda ballade vehicle which is commonly associated with the common people.

He had less security sandwiches compared to our Kenyan leaders. It’s a thing worth learning.

4. Embrace Family Ties when alive

The pope throughout his visit reiterated the importance of a family. He said it is the school of prayers.

Indeed, within a family, it is where we all learn on how to pray. When we are not close with our families, let’s forgive and get back together with re-union.

It’s God’s purpose we unite as a family. Family has a meaning in our life, we should embrace it.

5. Fall In love with Jesus

We most of the time make ourselves so busy in that we forget to create time to be with our God.

Life loses a meaning when we do not connect with our Lord. We should never allow our God to lose the first place in our life.

Let’s fall in love with Jesus the son of God and we will always prosper.

6. Kenyan Treasure Lies with Its People, shun tribalism

The future of a prosperous Kenya is in the hands of Kenyans. Its destiny is in the hands of the youth who make a big bunch of its treasures. Pope said that Kenya is beautiful and s endowed with many blessings, Kenyans are the ones to make it more blessed. A point to note also is that, tribalism does Kenya no good if not careful, it will bring us down, pope’s message is that we should stop it at all cost.

7. Its injustice to Grab land and evict the slums dwellers

The pope advised the Kenyan leadership and the world at large to avoid evicting those in slums. Indeed most of them have no alternative places to call home.







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