By Mathioya Mathioya

Details of How Kenyan Security apparatus swiftly acted on Air France bomb startle in a Commando style.

In the aftermath of the Paris-France bound plane abrupt landing at Moi International Airport Mombasa, Kenya acted most swiftly than ever, it was the fastest ever terror threat to have been solved within the shortest time possible with the highest level of machinery being mobilized and deployed within the shortest time possible.

The plane was en-route to Paris France from Mauritius when a passenger who was from the lavatory came out and reported the incidence to the crew members.

This is the moment, they notified the Kenyan authorities who cleared the plane to land at Moi international airport Mombasa. This is how things unfolded.

Security Systems put on high Alert

The Moment the head of security apparatus in the coast region Commissioner Joseph Maroa was notified, he acted within his mandate to act in the fastest time possible putting his team together.

Kenyan Commandos
Kenyan Commandos

Apparently, Joseph Nkaissery who is the Interior ministry Cabinet secretary was aware and swiftly, made his flight to Mombasa.

This contingent of security system was made up of the Kenya Navy, Criminal Investigation Department (CID) and the other relevant officers drawn from bomb experts and anti-terror police. They were armed for any eventuality.

Airport clearance

The moment the crew notified the airport agency, the airport was put on high alert.

All safety systems were put in place to enable a safe landing. The fire brigade was put on stand-by to face any eventuality that could arise.

Kenyan Commandos
Kenyan Commandos

Moi international airport being one of the top airports in East and Central Africa, it was the safest place that the France and Mauritius authorities could choose apart from JKIA.

County Fire Brigades

Ali Hassan Joho, the Mombasa county government governor was notified; he brought in his team together so as to act with ut-most due diligence.

Convoys of the most experienced fire experts were deployed to the airport.

They consisted of the county government fire brigade officials together with the airports safety systems and apparatus who were ready to be up to task in case of anything.

By the time the plane landed, all things were in place to allow a safe landing.


The moment the plane landed in the airport the security system flushed into the plane style to ensure things didn’t get out of control and safely evacuated the passengers.

The garget was later flushed out of the plane by the security apparatus for inspection and further analysis.

Bomb experts

Bomb experts consisting of the France consulate, Kenyan and Mauritius experts are currently working together in an attempt to get into the bottom of the matter.



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