The Kenyan cases ongoing at the ICC are taking a U-turn despite the fact that they had taken considerable gains in the course of last year. The defense teams had organized themselves in a peculiar manner that the prosecution was struggling to contain the cases.

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This led to the collapse of the Kenyan president Uhuru Kenyatta’s case that defined the fate of the other remaining cases. The Kenyan president was let off the hook by the ICC leading to a celebratory mood as the president triumphantly stayed calm on his duties.
Uhuru had managed marshal support of all the African countries which enabled him to convince them to move out of the ICC en-mass. This shaked the entire world since Africa is weighed in as an important and integral part in the international court’s ex-checker.
However, the case is taking another defining turn as the prosecution battles out the with the case with options that are creating wails in some quarters.
The defense team representing the Kenyan deputy president has conceded an own goal to the Bensouda led team after the judges allowed the admissibility of the recorded statements from the witnesses who had earlier withdrawn their evidence from their case and consequently, were declared hostile. The prosecution claims that the witnesses were coarsed into denying their earlier evidence with the prosecution team adding that they are a crucial element in the case.
It is in a matter of time that the world and most entirely Kenyans together with the African fraternity caught a glimpse of the truth in the case. The unity that has been experienced in the African countries all through in condemnation of the ICC cases has been immense and it’s everyone’s expectations that co-operation will never be an issue in future endeavors.
The defense teams made up of the Katwa Kigen led representing Sang and Khan’s team taking on the prosecution in defense of Ruto are eagerly perusing within their options to see how they will counter Fatou Bensouda’s. They have been a strong team working towards discrediting prosecution due to their shoddy work that is believed to be weak in their own way.
Khan’s team is expected to present a counteractive measure since the considerable steps they had made earlier are slowly being eroded by the prosecution in this last stretch that is the most important in its own way.


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