By Allan Boit

Disgruntled Magerer Langat Dumps KANU;Declares support for DP Ruto’s JAP Moments after Franklin Bett gets rewarded.

Days after the KANU brigade lost the Kericho by election, Magerer Langat is at it again.

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His support for Jubilee and Deputy President Ruto’s team comes days after the Deputy President rewarded former state house comptroller and a former cabinet secretary Franklin Bett with a prestigious post in the government.

Sources are indicating that Magerer’s move could have been ignited by his interest of courting the DP to give him a government Job.

The controversial former ODM fighter has indicated clearly he is joining the Deputy President team through his dilly dallying moves.

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Magerer claims that he is in support of the Jubilee government and only differed with the DP on Kericho by-election senatorial choice which he had interest in.

The disgruntled ODM former director of elections was in full support of the KANU candidate in the already concluded Kericho by-election which the Jubilee party candidate Aaron Cheriuyot won.

Magerer is popular in party hopping whenever his interest is not put at heart.  He was thoroughly chased away from ODM after he was allegedly accused of not being loyal to the ODM party leader Raila Odinga.

Months after his ouster, he dived in political oblivion but later joined took ma u-turn and joined the deputy presidents Jubilee Alliance party.

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