A disgruntled protester with a dog; what did he tell the police?

It is in the aftermath of IEBC ouster demonstrations. People are coming into terms with what transpired there.

In low murmurs, around the shaky slum corridors young boys are discussing the effect of what they did during that fateful date.

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Entrepreneurs whose property was destroyed are assembling the remnant. Some are nursing injuries; others are celebrating what they looted on that fateful date.

The discouraged boys are now thinking of the next move in their life. Now, the man in the picture is a son of so and so.

He leaves somewhere in this Nairobi. What he does with his life, nobody knows. What he is contemplating to do is no one’s business.

What comes in every person’s mind whenever you see that image? The man looks green from the village.

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He came to Nairobi to look for a job a month ago. The man had left the village early and boarded the Matunda bus to Nairobi.

He was looking for a job seriously. He lives with his uncle who sells potatoes in Marikiti. His first encounter with the Ghetto boys is that there is a job somewhere in town.

In fact a two hour job-that his accomplices report and it will be every Monday. He immediately calls his father who lives in the one grass thatched house with his mother and told them he had secured a well-paying job in town-that is Nairobi.

He would be sending them some weekly stipend every Monday. The ghetto boys early Monday morning walk with him to town.

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He is the one handling the dog. The dog does not belong to him; it belongs to Mwangi, the man who makes the broken plastic buckets and plates around Marikiti popularly known as chomelea.

He led the dog to the protesters at a fee. Since he has that accentuated voice with the effect from the village, he has no phobia over the police; he finds them waiting eagerly with fanya fujo huone regalia.

It is his first time in Nairobi town, he fears the police not because they can beat him up and release him but because they have power to arrest him.

He chats with them and exchanges the village pleasantries. He explains to them why he is protesting. His story is that not because he wants IEBC out.

He has no business with IEBC, he cares less who is in charge of the said electoral body. In fact, his brother in-law works there.

The last time he called him, he said he was busy. He hates IEBC because it robbed him off his brother in-law who used to bring some handouts to the village during the December holidays.

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The police are carefully listening to him and waiting for the next move, they are praying the man doesn’t hurl stones at them or else he will be bulldozed.

They advise the man to go home and do something better with himself. He tells them he has no job and this is what will earn him the days living.

Really? But you don’t have to cause chaos just because you don’t have a job. Please go home. The police beseech with him.

All over a sudden, the opposition brigade arrive, he leaves the conversation with the police and turns against them directing his dog to bite them as his bosses watch out.

Hell breaks loose and the police run after him. They successfully arrest him and hull him into their waiting lorry.

He pleads with them but the milk is already spilt. He will have stay over the night in the cold and be arraigned in court later.

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He has picked up some injuries, he has a hospital bill to pay, and his uncle will not allow him back his father in the village will not be getting some weekly stipend too.

The entire story is a tragedy, I can imagine how safe the man would have been if he remained in the comfort of his hood.

I am also pretty sure nobody has the answer to this nor will he come out and tell us what was he was telling the police?

However, the police might have tried to help the man but really, what did the police tell him? Maybe, they helped him out.

Am off, share the story maybe someone will tell us what the conversation was all about and in the process, help himself with it.

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