By Ken Musaba

Infidelity is currently not the top cause for divorce in the world; DJ Crème De La Crème being one of the few characters not to have played it smart and apparently was caught red handed.

1.Infidelity isn’t the top Divorce Cause

Many would opt for a divorce if this happened to them, but believe me you, despite the fact that he has a heavy weight name, trust me, it’s only that DJ Crème de La Crème played dumb, to the wife:this can’t be enough for a divorce, many research experts will agree with me that lack of balancing both career and family are more of a challenge to marriages across the world, not only in Africa than the latter.

It’s a challenge that affects mostly women and few men; it can either destroy the career or marriage if not balanced well.

Most marriages especially in Europe and America have suffered this and many have divorced due to this challenge.

“ Why would I have gone to school if just to get a well-paying job then throw it all away due to family issues that will affect me at work?” asked one lady.


2. Establish yourself before thinking about marriage

According to her she prefers to first establish herself before thinking about marriage and start a family, and not only her but most students in colleges and universities will willingly agree with her.

“A family benefits from the job, so a job comes first before family. Most people leave their families behind to go and look for jobs because without this job how will they live when we have a responsibility of providing for the family?” said Tony Bikolo owner of a cyber cafe.

Not many will agree to this, Ms.Elizabeth Mukolwe retired primary teacher, says that family has to come first because the job is only to sustain the family.


3. Spend with your family learn something from them

Teaching our family good morals and values of life for a better tomorrow and a better nation should be a priority. We only go to work because we need to sustain the family but we can have no jobs but have a happy family, people who will be there for you no matter what” she said.

And, most people will say, it depends, but, I think both rely on each other and benefits both. If you are in a career you need to find time to spend with your family learn something from them. We need to create time for both career and family.

4. Picture yourself as a manager

Picture yourself as a manager of a big firm, you are about to go and make a deal with another company and this will benefits your firm for the next generation, then you get a phone call that your child has got an accident and he/she is in a critical condition, will you go on with making your business deal which requires you to be there personally or leave the deal and go and be with your child?



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