By Allan Boit

Do a Public Apology; Rebel Bomet Governor Isaac Ruto Ordered After begging DP Ruto for A reconciliation after ICC Verdict.

After the ICC announced the no case verdict for the deputy president and journalist Joshua Arap Sang, all URP allies who had fallen out with the deputy president are now looking forward to mending bridges with him.

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Bomet governor Isaac Ruto is said to have with much frantic efforts tried to embrace Ruto’s forgiveness and call for unity. However, the DP has put the matter into no consideration with him choosing to remain focused on his work.

After the Kericho by-election, the Moi’s were tried to regain relevance in the rift valley politics by repeatedly watering down the DPs effort to unite the communities living in the rift region.

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Lately, Bomet governor announced his excitement after the ICC let off the hook deputy president and Joshua Arap Sang.

He is said to have gone to the deputy president Karen office where he found out  he was not there and later went on proceeded to his Harambee house office where DPs assistants snubbed him.

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However, the governor will have to do a public apology to in reference to all the Kenya communities for cheating on them that the Jubilee administration is doing nothing.

This will help him to dodge any political blunder in the incoming elections which it is taunted he might loose with a reasonable margin to the Jubilee alliance if he still sticks with his KANU allies who have no political future.

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