By Liza Njagi

DP Ruto brands Star Newspaper ‘Gutter press’ as K24s Eric Njoka gains accreditation.

Kenyan deputy president got on point yesterday by taking K24’S prime time news anchor Erick Njoka on a treacherous trail with a purely objective interview, which largely, avoided unwarranted pomp.

He was able to put clear his message on all the non-issues, which some daily news circulations have been finding something out of on their headline to gain readership.

Erick Njoka was more composed and achieved the highest rate ever to be attained by Kenyan mainstream media interviewers, who rumble over flip questions to gain fame out of a mere audience from any top personality.

The K24 news anchor gave the deputy president enough time to make responses, of which with much approval, is expected from any objective journalism professional of Erick’s level.

The interview, in much reference moved away from the common non-objective questions that many interviewers in Kenya make, to sway their viewers, largely due to in-adequate research, a route that they mostly follow due to unprecedented excitement many get when offered that chance to interview Kenyan top personalities.

The deputy president got himself through with all matters that he needed to clear air on.

Personally, the deputy president William Ruto, who is the second in command in the Jubilee Hierarchy, slammed one of Kenyan newspaper outlet, during his responses.

He reiterated that, the Star Newspaper is fond of making him a top agenda in their headlines, something that they find excitement on, especially bearing in mind its management is made up of inefficient administrators who fantasize on his downfall.

He explained that, running top stories of unpopular headlines like the said, 1billion palatial home upgrade are no-longer a bother to him since he is fully aware of its architects.

However, he commended the said media outlet for their continued job creation which is a good story to note, since as a matter of fact, some few Kenyans make a living from their unprofessional management.



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