DP Ruto Embarrasses Jirongo Amid laughter during Shitanda’s Buria; Siasa ni Kujipanga.

It was applause and laughter as Kenya’s deputy president told off Jirongo in a comical manner that his failure to plan himself well is what has downed him politically.

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The DP told mourners during the burial that in early 1990s, he was Cirus Jirongo’s right hand man, but fortunes have turned his life uprightly due to his diligence and trusting in God and now he is where he is.

The DP told the former MP that he had no reason why he was getting mad at the him wheeas he has advised him now and then that he has to plan his life politically well.

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The DP was speaking during the burial of the form cabinet secretary Soita Shitanda where he alluded to former president Moi’s humble and strategic placement to Mzee Jommo Kenyatta where he later became the president.

The DP is smart in laying down his opponents who normally lay blame over him on everything whenever it happens in government.

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