By Allan Boit

DP Ruto Tells off Raila; You Used and Dumped me in 2007; Swallow the Bitter Pill and Move On.

DP Ruto has been an aggressive figure in Kenya’s political field. He has worked vigorously with ODM and KANU.

The ODM brigade used him during the 2007 elections and dumped him courtesy of Raila Odinga. Kericho and Malindi by-elections are now helping in revealing more political scemes dating  back in 2007.

Ruto took a U-Turn and supported Jubilee during the 2013 general elections, consequently, they took over power.

This has become a bitter herb for the Raila led faction to swallow, since, he sunk their dream of taking over presidency.

It has been the cause of the wars currently that DP Ruto is facing both online and on political podiums.

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Since the Jubilee took over power, the CORD brigade has been fighting DP Ruto with corruption allegations every moment they wake up.

During the 2013 pre-election campaigns, the URP faction led by Ruto told off the Cord leader in face that he had squandered the opportunity that he had in the period Ruto was supporting him.

However, he took it for granted and was drunk with power after Ruto successfully marshaled his troops to convince Kibaki take Raila as the Kenyas’ prime minister.

It’s the Kalenjin vote that helped Raila get a stronger bargaining power in 2007 after the post-election violence.

Editors Choice:

Kalonzo half of the western Kenya people were not supporting Raila. He largely depended on the Kalenjin vote to have that strong bargaining power.

It’s now evident that the bitterness replicated in the general election is not ending now; you will wake up every morning to a tune of negative smear campaign and political attacks against the DP.

What is worrying is the fact that whenever a corruption scandal is getting out, the Cord brigade is with much effort trying to implicate DP Ruto by conceiving and creating perceived corruption scandals.

Details are emerging that the ODM online team has been working day by day to bring down the DP Ruto whom if they succeed in totally implicating, the Jubilee government will collapse and maybe they will benefit from that.

The DP is however, not moved by the implicative issues that is being exhibited in the political scenes. He has at every moment together with his supporters reiterated that Raila and his team will have to forget his RiftValley base and seek other support bases and leave him alone.

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