DP Ruto wins Big Against the Moi’s with clear signs of KANU’s Popularity in Kericho By Election dwindling

The deputy president has been on constant attack from all corners of his political life. Battles emanating from court allegations to hot air political tantrums have all met him one on one.

He has maintained a strong stance of his stature and has never been bowed by any of those distractions.

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A point to note is the latest rebellions that has sparked off and consequently has been blown out of proportion by the media in relation to a few dissatisfied political nemeses who have their own agenda.

This is Gideon Moi and Isaac Ruto, who have since the year 2014 constantly fought to gain political relevance.

They have marshaled a few political vocalist of the likes of Alfred Keter and former KANU choir members Zakayo Cheriuyot.

However, a point to note is that DP William Kipchirchir Samoei Ruto has been a man of self-made stature.

Since his YK days in early 1990s, he has established his political character and brand by lying to nobody’s shoulder.

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Since those yester days of 1990s, he has managed to whether storms and inbuilt battles not from his own constituency but damning battles from the wealthy Moi family.

Before entry into a parliamentary seat, Moi had ruled his election out after he threw his weight behind Chesire in the 1997.

Ruto, nevertheless, floored Chesire and since then, Moi had to allow him for years rule the Eldoret North constituents for 15 years uninterrupted and as a KANU wingman and lieutenant up to the time he run as the Deputy President in the Jubilee government.

In 2007 election, William blatantly campaigned against all Moi sons and led to their defeat in their parliamentary seats. Gideon Moi was not spared in the wave that William Ruto led in the bangled 2007 election.

Gideon Moi lost as the Member of Parliament for Baringo North alongside his two brothers Jonathan and Philip Moi.

This was the worst blow that the DP ranged over the powerful Moi family. In 2013, for Gideon Moi to regain his seat as the senator for Baringo County, he had to align himself with the Jubilee administration to remain relevant.

The URP rebellious team has now sparked of another war by cyking the media to create some inconsequential wars within the rift valley faction that is almost being bought into the public spectrum.

Apparently, Former powerful minister and member of parliament Franklin Bett throws weight behind Aaron Cheriuyot… ReadMore…

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