By Allan Boit

Dr. Kones-Joyce Laboso to Team up for Bomet Governor Isaac Ruto Ouster in 2017 GE.

The die is already cast for the rebel Bomet governor Isaac Ruto. Details emerging indicate a possible tsunami in making.

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This wave that has been engineered by the Deputy President allies in the Rift Valley is said to be the only faction to outster the incumbent who has remained adamant and rebellious to the Jubilee government.

The governor has repeatedly opposed the deputy president in public forums in an attempt to derail his non repulsible force in the Rift Valley region.

The force includes a coalition of governor aspirants Dr. Kones as the governor and Joyce Laboso as the deputy governor.

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All members of parliament from the region are in full support of the team which is taunted to be the only option to oust the rebellious governor.

Isaac Ruto has already formed his own Mashinani party and it is highly being thought it could be the vehicle he will use to defend his seat in the upcoming general election.

Joyce Laboso is the deputy speaker in national Assembly the incumbent Member of Parliament for Sotik.

Despite the fact that Jubilee candidate in the Nyongores ward lost to Mashinani development party candidate, details from the ground indicate that Jubilee has a full support from the  Bomet constituents.

This comes few days after the Isaac Ruto Gideon Moi team was defeated by JAP candidate in the Kericho by-election.

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