By Abednego Mathenge

Dumbest jokes Kenyans must stop next year.

Kenyans are the best example of jokers that one can offer at any point moreover, to ever happen on earth.

A Kenya will take a joke even in the dumbest places like in funerals. A Kenyan will joke with a slasher jokingly flying it over a friends shoulder and when shit happens later, they will claim it wasn’t that serious.

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Spanking women intimately in public joints

Kenyans think the world is turning everything upside down, i mean from culture to good morals.

This is why team mafisi will prey on a woman to the point of spanking her in public. They openly do it in public vehicles, bus terminus, offices and also in malls.

When the people on the receiving end complain about it, they water it down to be a joke. How on earth can you spank someone and claim it to be a joke?

The darkest part of this is the fact that some of these ladies are their colleague’s wives.

Okay, you can spank your daughter, or any other person, but stop this yucky behavior to people who don’t deserve it either.

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Mocking the men of cloth and clergy

Currently in Kenya, comedy is among the highest paying avenues in the media industry.

It’s indeed a big hassle, one has to struggle to coil a joke that can make a lazy lad open up the mouth and get cheered up.

However, some comedians are taking it too far. How on earth can someone ridicule a man of God in an absurd manner, like the tone they use to call on the lost chaps and faithful to Christ?

It’s disrespectfulness of the highest order to also mock the tithe. A stand-up comedian will take it on stage to mock those who ask for it or even give it. Stop it, its irritating.

Wailing and Feigning sorrow in funerals

This is among the dumbest joke that a Kenyan will take on. Many Kenyans pretend to be crying in funerals whereas in real sense, they aren’t.

They always show the bereaved that they felt so hurt by the happening. In real sense, many are just doing it for the sake of saving their image in the public eye.

slur talk by touts

A tout will cuddle with someone’s change to the final destination and later claim he or she would after all give the money back, consequently, insinuating it was just a joke.

This is common in Kenyan matatu’s that ply various routes in the capital city, Nairobi.

When the passage gets mad about the whole situation, they normally turn it into a joke and even go to an extent of ridiculing the person.

Political Slurs and rhetoric’s

This is a common feature among the politicians. They mostly do it in an attempt to gain political mileage.

A politician will joke with the other ones weight, looks and many others. Some mock rival communities in a suggestive way that can injure others in the public eye.

The bottom line is that joking with biasness is not the only ultimate way to gain fame, there are some avenues that achieve the goal easily.





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