By Allan Boit

Expectations High as Joshua Arap Sang Likely to be appointed Kenya’s Ambassador to Netherlands.

When luck strikes, it gives no warning. It always signals no expectations to the person ready for it. It just gets in and makes changes to ones life.

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Rumors have been going round the social media and other media segments in relation to Joshua Arap Sang’s possible appointment to a government post.

It should not be a surprise when it comes into a reality. This is because, Sang, a journalist by profession has been out of his lovely journalism trade for a while. Him getting an appointment with the government of Kenya which he always travels with as an ambassador whenever he goes.

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His celebrity status since the time he got into the Ocampo six, a matter that he has since shed off his clean shoulder can be of much boost to the Kenyan society. Sang was always jovial and never misbehaved throughout the years he was going through the Hague court cases.

Now that he is a free man, an appointment as an ambassador to Netherlands would be a highly expected happening. This is due to the fact that his closeness to both the president and the deputy president is great.

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Pundits are warming up to that appointment which can be a major breakthrough in his life.




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