Every morning in all Kenya cities and towns , people wake up on daily basis to go and build the nation. You will see deeming lights in the wee morning hours indicating that the economy,  nation builders  and tax payers are walking out of their houses to go and catch up with the matatus to their working stations.

Kenyan entrepreneurs who have Matatu for sale businesses in Kenya in their motor bazaars and garages are raking big from People venturing in the Kenyan Matatu business and industry.

However, it is not as easy as you may think getting into the matatu game and business.It’s challenges are more than you can imagine.

Commuters traveling have at first a taunting encounter with the touts, shouting to their highest voices the moment they step out of their houses as their voices engulf the air a scenario that introduces them to the world of the invincible bosses termed as cartels by the Kenyan matatu industry players.

These cartels are well known people who determine the amount of fare to be charged at every filling station. They claim to be the discoverers of the stations; hence one cannot fill his vehicle without their knowledge.

They determine the number of times a vehicle ferries to town and how much the touts are paid.

The most surprising thing about these cartels is that they hike the fare leaving the commuters to the mercy of the matatu owners who also are demanding a cake from the commuter’s pocket.

The local traffic police administrators know very well about them and always give a blind eye to their hawkish behavior. What is clearly known is that they also dish some hand-outs to the officers to silence them.

These daunting cartels run in all Kenyan routes especially in the capital city of Nairobi. From Umoja to Thika Road, Jogoo Road to Ngong Road all the way to Waiyaki way, Kiambu Road, Limuru Road and all other routes that you can think of in Nairobi.

It is said that if the fare is supposed to be a hundred bob, they always ensure it hike up to a hundred and fifty. The main problem is that the Matatu Owners Association has always remained mum on the issue whereas they are supposed to be the custodians of the industry.

The most complicating issue is that the cartels team up with the traffic police hence complicating the whole issue making a look out for solution difficult.

Commuters are now left at the mercy of these cartels who are raking millions out of them whereas they have a government that is supposed to protect them.


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