By Clive Olero

Feminism is the greatest threat to family.

I’m here to tell you, ladies, that the term gold digger is one of the traps we men set to keep you off our money; That term was made up so that we can have our money and still get all we want from you without you asking  for or expecting  this instinctual responsibility that men entirely in the world are made to embrace.

Consequently, It is your right to expect that a man will pay for that dinner and get you a ticket for a movie or whatever else he has to pay in exchange of your time.

Those were Steve Harvey’s words. Do you, ladies, think he is right? My guess is that you think he is ‘over-right.’

I– being the gentleman that I think I am– will tell you that providing everything a woman needs should be every man’s core onus.

There is no pride in being a man if one can not perform the most basic of responsibilities as Steve Harvey has so aptly captured.

A man’s responsibility in a family can be summed up in this phrase: to provide and protect.

To this end, I am on the ladies’ side. Half entirely. I say half-entirely because moving forward, we are nolonger going to be at par. I have flattered enough. Now is the time to hit nail on head. And I begin right away this way.

Feminism is the most needless idea ever conceived; feminists the most heartless in the history of human civilization.

I will explain. Agreeing as we have that man should take care of the woman, it might be well to question how someone that’s literally (to be) pampered as is done to an infant can seek to be equal to her Providence.

Further, it provokes one to want to allude it to despite the fact that the comparison is overtly farfetched Biblical epic in which Lucifer tried to put himself in and above the throne of The Most High God

It’s common knowledge that the family fabric in the yester years was more intact than it is today. I wun’t blame the continued deterioration in family values on the feminism.

For everyone knows that life in all its spheres has changed a great deal. Other factors have indeed contributed to the killing of the basic unit of society– the family.

But none has like the indoctrination that’s the result of feminism movements across the globe.
It should disturb a woman to want to be like or equal to a man.

Why? Because– search the universe in its indefinite vastness– no two units are alike. Thus, if man and woman be two extreme sexes as indeed they are, only genuine madness can drive you to imagine they could be equal.
My encounter with women (not necessarily ladies) who call themselves feminists has convinced me that women who are obsessed with the fight for equality or equity are not happy with their sexes.

For to be female, methinks, is to possess a marginable level of inferiority.  Women by nature look fragile, weak, sweet and all those things that connote a want of power and authority.

Men are the exact opposite. Rough, masculine, unrefined, unattractive et cetera. That’s why it’s unnatural for a woman to be mannish.

And in like manner, quite foolish for a man to be effeminate.Ever wondered why even the ugliest of men look for the most beautiful ladies? It’s because men are not gauged on beauty.

Infact the word beauty itself is feminine. It does not apply for men. It is okay for a man to be ugly. A beautiful woman is somewhere to make up for that.

But increasingly we are witnessing a clash of sexes. A paradox. Women are tired of being female, They want to shift sexes and become men.

Research shows that divorce is continuously increasing. That is a very unfortunate statistic because it foretells doom for society.

A family is only complete when father and mother live together with their kid(s). In the contemporariness of life, it is well to have good education, a well paying job or business, power, a palatial residence and security for family etc.

But these do not take the place of a man in the life of a woman. Problem is, the most profound idea feminism seems to  teach women is that an empowered woman can do without a man.

What a terrible lie! If you are reading this, take this counsel. Before you think of being independent, look between your legs and see if you have a third.

Look at your chest and see if it’s a flat field. Confirm these even if you have always known.

There’s a reason you have that anatomy. Giving birth to as many children as you and your husband can support is your duty. It is God-assigned.

So save the energy you want to use to launch an argument and use it to paint your eye sockets.

Your breasts should be the food your baby must feed on. Suckle your babies. Properly. Thoroughly. For enough time.

Keeping your breasts firmly in shape when your infant baby is starving is a crime for which I might recommend you to join Ruto and Sang at the ICC.

You should have it in mind that the people with a right to enjoy your breast your kid and the husband.

When they sag as a result of breast feeding, he will understand and still find you attractive. So don’t worry. Just give birth. Breast feed. Baby sit.

Do all that pertains to womanhood. It never killed anyone. Go to school and acquire the best education there is. Look for a good job.

Create connections with the mighty in society. Seek power and become mighty yourself. Establish business empires. Do all you ever aspired to.

But after all that, find a suitable man to marry you. In your marriage, be submissive, humble, obedient, loving, caring. Be subject to your husband.

Be the cook, cleaner, house wife, baby sitter. Be everything your good old mama was to your family. You are the ‘weaker’ of the two sexes.

You are to submit to a stronger one: your man. All the time. Be his object of leisure and pleasure. Give him a reason to come home early.

Be there for him. Give him his congugal right whenever he needs it.  If he needs it all the time, it is okay. He is your husband.

Your Lord. But I guess no man does that. There are many other things a responsible man thinks of other than coitus.Forget those pieces of advice your fellow women tell you at places of work.

Your husband should never be in the kitchen when you are there watching some century old soap opera.
Serve your husband. Worship him and marvel at how sweet marriage is. Save posterity the pain of having to redefine family.

It’s easy. Just let nature reign. It has a proclivity of putting everything in their rightful place. It has put you under a man.

And you ought love being there.Most men return goodness with goodness. Be loyal and diligent and misogynism will flee.

No man derives pleasure from mistreating a good wife. Except societal hoodlums who we can’t give caveat of. A market place does not lack a sociopath.

My task is achieved. Let me read about what Magufuli is doing in Tanzania vis a vis what Uhuru’s tough talking at home. I might get something worth writing about next.





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