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The real status of Nyeri County

Long time,I do not know whether to start by thanking you for the good work that I clearly do not see by the headline or to ask whether you care at all for the future of this great county.

I will ask where do you think you would be placed or ranked in history?The best governor Nyeri ever had?

The first governor of Nyeri County? Or the poorest performing governor?Yes,I guess you would pick the first governor in the history of Nyeri County since nobody would ever forget you wouldn’t care about the next general election not generation.

That is why you will not take time to read this article beyond here or maybe read at all you will rubbish as ‘nothing’ or your ‘votes aren’t online’ or this publication ‘haifiki mashinani’.

You may be right in all statements but facts are facts not even you can change them.

First of all accept you are no manager not by any standards! Locally or internationally No?Politician Yes! You are the best politician I know,yes you are very good on that stage.

That is why am writing this letter/article.I fear you have no competitor in the political battle and you hold a political seat where political wit is needed not managerial wit.

I will start with infrastructure,have you seen the current state of roads?Just last month residents of mathira west organized a fundraiser to raise money to construct their own roads as calls on your government have failed with the person in charge being reportedly constantly unavailable.

Our town roads have potholes and the roads that are successfully done are those of former regimes and National government.

What are you doing or what have you done then?I live in suburb but the passages are terrible I always have to polish my shoes again when I get to town.Imagine.

I assume planning and infrastructure go hand in hand so I will ask a few questions,who came up with the idea of stones to create parking? Or whatever those things are called.

Those stones are a hazard,the number of people who have got hurt and even cars being damaged.It dint create space for parking it killed the space.

In developed countries or cities or even Nairobi parking space is marked using good yellow paint.  Then private investors are encouraged to come up with private parking lots to de-congest the town center.

The other issue why license traders with shops and the encourage traders to set shop outside those shops?Can we also get Gakere Street in order?

If you had people who work they would tell you by now Gakere is a circus of pick pockets and kanju wars but anyway you are surrounded by incompetence.

Nyeri town is in need of proper planning as at now it doesn’t fit the label of a county capital!

Health,do I need to say anything.The whole country knows Nyeri patients missed food.

(one) Health workers went on strike and you on the other hand were just ridiculing them and taking them to court ignoring the fact that they had issues to table.

(two),You took praise of an article on the Nation that praised the health sector in Nyeri,what you dint read is that the article was actually praising the National government efforts done by the MPs not the services in those hospitals that are offered by your administration.

(three)My friend has lost a child in (PGH)due to negligence and there have not been one nor two cases that have been reported.Has your government been keen on anything to do with service improvement?

Machines are reported to be breaking down or is the media lying?You can’t win an election with sick voters and the same time you can’t rule us when we are all dead.

Security,security……the Porsche estate I live in has no lighting,the theft,the mugging and the looting in homes that is there is surprisingly alarming shockingly now no one wants to buy land there anymore you can guess why?

Imagine wanjiku who is poor and can’t report incidences of insecurity or failure in public administration!

Or are we not voters since I only see lighting projects done in areas where they only need one and ‘votes’ are there since they can easily be lied to.

Sorry for the tone am using it is the same attitude I get once I comment or ask for a service from your administration.

You campaigned on a friendly and approachable governorsolgan what happened?Anyway trust politicians to do anything for votes.Next year I will fall for the same thing.

Agriculture,am no farmer neither do I have any interest in the field but reading from the news and my parents emotions things aren’t good.

The problem is that you are only after politics and telling people of how politicians are frustrating you.Work and citizens will be behind you.

Youth and Education.Here where do I start,first of all you clearly do not have any agenda for the youth,it is quite evident.

Last year we dint even have a budget….How far are we even with the 30% procurement for the youth?

Now that you have taken our Wi-Fi path without even the politeness of giving us a notice ama we do not matter?Any way I do not blame you,you are not the governor of our generation,you wouldn’t understand our plight.

To you,you will buy us with a street concert,football tournament and t-shirts.What is happening to our polytechnics? Why do you want to kill the Kenyan dream for the poor.

Have you thought and consulted widely on the effects of killing technical institutions?Why is it that only Nyeri is reducing its polytechnics.

Anyway I can go and go on all day but as going by political science senior Mutahi Ngunyi’s words where he once said a failed revolution has a tendency of cannibalizing itself.

Implying that a failed revolution eats its children.

A great man by the name Philip Njau said”This is an era where politics has replaced philosophy.Our politicians seem to be the same all over.

They promise to build bridge even where there is no river just to get votes.

Some have converted those seats to a cross between a popularity contest and a highschool debate with the loudest speaker clinching the first prize.

Those politicians have further converted politics into a gentle art of getting votes from the poor by promising to protect from the other”.

I sum up my sentiments with the words from a preacher from Atlanta who said-‘WE SHALL OVER COME’



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