By Mathioya Mathioya

Figuring Bro Ochola’s Mis-App, Relax,check this week’s funny events Pictorial as they unfolded.

Last week of October has been the most hectic to the fun loving Kenyans.

There have been absolutely thrilling moments and safarionline captured them all.

Notwithstanding, the December holiday is just a month away and according to my hash-tag calendar, savings is a must.

However, I am pretty sure some of you are making final arrangement to drop in an auditorium to watch a play with comedy giants like Fanaka Arts or you are most probably on your way to Naivasha for an adventure or game walk, not mentioning the heavy traffic that will beat you up on your way to Nakuru for a weekend of fun.

This is your moment to unwind with a slow recap of what has been going all over the world and Kenya in pictorial allure.

You can now have a sigh of relief, here at safarionline, we will offer you a sum of what went down over the week and deliver to you the events that you can expect to follow up this weekend for purposes of unwinding.

Brother Ocholla’s Mis-app message


He is said to have mistakenly sent a suggestive whats app message to a wrong recipient.

Apparently, it is still a trend on line with corporates taking advantage of the situation to advertise their products.







Files relating to NYS Saga disappeared

This has been trending on Kenyan daily circulations due to the fact that files relating to its investigation disappeared to no trace.

Investigators are said to have reached a dead-head as they try to unravel the misery.




El-Nino Ambush


Kenyans behavior of taking thing lightly has hit them hard this time round despite the fact that they are used to walking scot free when they ignore something of the sort.

El-Nino is here with us.

Magufuli Excitements


This man above has been a rosy story to talk of in the last one week.

This is due to the fact that opposition leader Raila Odinga was taunted to have been supporting him whereas Jubilee cordons have been banking on the Tanzanian opposition candidate who is said to have lost the election.




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