Moi’s March 1992 Worry over Multi-Partism slowly getting over Kenya; check the shocking chronology.

Kenya is at the brink of an acute tribal crisis. Many people thought in 2007, things had gotten to the epitome and the lesson learnt then was enough to cool things down.

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Ironically, in 2002, Kenyans were in a hurry to get rid of former president Moi.

Political parties joined forces to oust him, Kenyans voted in unison to push him out of power. Moi was already at the peak of his presidency, he had made up his mind that he would relinquish power. He was not in a hurry too.

He handed power to the hungry political kingpins awesomely and let them gamble in darkness.

Little did Kenyans know that those behind the ouster of KANU were power hungry tribal cruse who only wanted a smooth exchange of the power they desired?

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It’s 2016 and Kenya is reeling the pain of the fight between the opposition and the government. Many pundits argue that during the time that Kenya allowed multi-partism politics, it was not ready for it.

That is the reason why, the moment the constitution was changed to accommodate many political parties, it turned out to be a tribal affair.

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Every Kenya tribe set up its party and started associating with it. President Moi in 1992 during the agitation for the multi-parties change, he said he was not ready to allow Kenya become a multi-party state because by doing so, Kenya would ultimately turn into a tribal nation.

Currently, in Kenya every tribe is fighting to have its own party to champion their agenda. Is Moi’s March 1992 prophesy coming to pass?


president moi in 1992
president moi in 1992

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