By Brian Rono


Franklin Bett To succeed Charles Keter,The die is already Cast within Jubilee Power brokers.

You thought South Rift politics was going to cool down soon and apparently take over that senatorial seat Charles Keter is almost vacating after Cabinet appointment?

Relax;This is free advice for you, find something else to do and not politics, additionally, widen your scope of thoughts more broadly.

After Charles Keter being appointed as one of the cabinet nominees, political heat in the region is now headed west.

Among those disappointed by Kericho succession politics in the area by top power brokers is dessident Isaac Ruto. He has been among the most vocal critics of the Jubilee administration, hence he is no-longer a power broker in South Rift.

He was thought maybe he would have taken a stake in deciding who to take over Keter’s seat, for now leave him out of the equation, he will appear nowhere this time round.

He has been taken to be an opposition sympathizer, Gideon Moi’s confident and more worse, an ODM mole within the URP.

Consequently, expect him not to be much vocal in deciding who to take after Keter- if his appointment gets through parliament.

At Harambee Annex, power brokers are making rounds to try and force their choice for the seat. However, just to confirm your worst fears, the die is most likely already cast.

I mean succession politics of who to take over Kericho county Senatorial seat is not only up in grabs but has already taken shape.

Among the deputy Presidents confidents, candidates to be fronted for the seat are being vetted in the sidelines.

Former statehouse comptroller and a former ODM Member of parliament Franklin Bett, is among the top considerations.

Having been a former KANU remnant who of late turned out to be a staunch defender of the deputy president, whispers are now confirming that he is the chosen one.

Franklin Bett, is a seasoned politician and as critics would say, he has stake in the KANU circles that are always taunted to be the ones running the government.

If you will agree with me, he has contributed to the rise and rise of Deputy President William Ruto in a way.

Forget the fact that during the 2013 elections, he was in ODM camp. He did it out of free will but was sure the Jubilee government was taunted to win in the larger Rift-Valley region.

After doing rounds sluggishly with the CORD brigade in the last elections and consequently lost in the same elections after being swept by the URP wave, he later went back home and all over sudden became a sudden defender of the Ruto camp.

For your information, it is with no doubt he will succeed Charles Keter in Kericho County senatorial by election. You now know this!





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