By Victor Nzioka

Goons Disrupt JKUAT’s Student Union Annual General Meeting.

JKUAT’s annual general meeting for the students union ended prematurely after goons associated with the chairman defended him from being told his failures by student leaders of Jkuat satellite campuses.

After opening remarks by the Chairman and a speech by the outgoing secretary general it was the chance for the representative of the satellite campuses to speak.

The First was the vice chair Westlands campus, she questioned why the leaders came to their campuses to seek for votes and then after the elections they disappeared.

Cheers and claps filled the air. This question angered the chairman who stood and said that campuses with two votes have no right to question him.

The next speaker was the man in the red tie (kip) who set the bar even higher questioning the failed student leadership.

He talked about the constitution which was implemented without a referendum as money meant for the exercise disappeared with the failed leadership.

Comrades applauded kip’s wisdom. The temperatures were rising as comrades could not allow the outgoing chairman to address them.

Several ushers who had puffed and drank something before the event went to where the leaders were seated and walked out with the secretary general and the chairman as several blows and kicks were thrown with a couple of flying chairs.

Every one walked out and that was the pre-planned end to the AGM.

As per the contentious JKUSA constitution the AGM is meant for; tabling annual reports and accounts, presentation of the auditor’s report and adoption of the accounts. This is what the outgoing officials evaded after squandering students cash. The chaos erupted before the question and answer session which would give members the chance to ask questions.

The Juja based institution is holding its annual elections in a month’s time and you can trust Safari online to deliver to you news just as it happens from Jkuat and all other campuses.



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