This is how Governor Mwangi wa Iria will clinch his seat back.

By Njau Kanyingi

Governor Mwangi wa Iria has gotten on record as one of the most discredited governors in central Kenya.

He has faced head-on Kenya Anti corruption axe, wealthy political acumen attacks as well as in-house wars with his deputy governor and not to mention, his rival Kigumo member of parliament Jamlick Kamau and a couple of leaders who have ganged up against him and already on the ground fighting him tirelessly.

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However, the back and forth tactic that many politicians are using isn’t that appealing to the current generation of voters who are more unlighted compared to their predecessors especially the central Kenya electorate.

The real battle is on the ground and the real political atmosphere is not in the media spectra but in mashinani where many aren’t in.

Firstly, going by the chronic war over the incumbent, the fact that Wa Iria was a former manager, he has learnt on how to fight his battles wisely.

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Many argue that owing to the fact that the county is splitting into two politically, that is Murang’a North and South this is working against the governor.

However, to quell this aura, political sources are confirming that Murang’a South faction is still behind the governor, bearing in mind, he hails from the area.

It is alleged that leaders in the north trashed the pre-nomination deal on power sharing between South and North, which apparently Kigumo MP Jamleck Kamau is said to be riding on to win the southerners.

Political sources on the ground indicate that residents are not much banking on the political pact and the majority of the electorate in fact are not aware of the pact despite the fact that politicians eyeing the gubernatorial seat are banking on it.

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Additionally, political scheming is evidently brewing against the high flying incumbent, whereas, underneath he is gaining massive political ground through the dubbed mashinani development politics through his development agenda.

The Governor is apparently not in any shock over spirited fight to dislodge him engineered by a few politicians.

He has stood firm flourishing in the county residents hearts through his developmental record.

The former successful Kenya Cooperative Creameries to manager, and is credited for reviving the government owned milk plant during his tenure, has remained true to his key agenda of putting money in the pockets of the county residents through highly mechanized and aggressive plans over which he of course rode on to get into power.

The governor has revived the agriculture sector in the county, which is the backbone of Murang’a county economy.

“In the dairy sector in the county, each litre of milk is getting into a retail price of Sh30, which means, a household can make at least Sh15, 000 monthly.”

Dennis Kamau, a dairy farmer who has seen the light, courtesy of the governor’s initiative in the agricultural sector, says.

“This is what I mean when I say I want to put money in the pockets of Murang’a county residents…” adds the governor as he confidently ascertains his work.

It is not going to be an easy road for Kamau and other aspirants eyeing the seat, Jamlick is being accused of not tackling the problem that is facing the secondary school principals from Murang’a County from whom he expects some backing.

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On the sidelines of Murang’a County, other wealthy tycoons are also rumored to be eyeing his seat although they have not shown any clear signs to topple him to warrant any concern.

The mashinani development political tactics which many of the governors are using might definitely get them back into power, Mwangi wa Iria being among them.

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