By Allan Boit

Has Gideon Moi Already Teamed Up with Raila to weaken DP Ruto in Quest for presidency?

Political tides are taking a new shape after details emerging recently indicate that Raila is looking forward to team up with Gideon Moi and support him for the presidency in 2017.

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This comes amid a hot discomfiture within the KANU faction whose officials have started issuing sentiments that are not supportive of the move that they think is ment to divide their formidable voting block.

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The perceived team is being assumed to be a force in making to weaken the deputy president’s influence in the Rift Valley.

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Despite the fact that no meeting in record that has already happened, it’s being strongly believed  that Raila can decide to support former president Moi’s son for the presidency in the incoming elections to hurt Deputy President Ruto

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However, chances are that the team might not have so much effect bearing in minds the Rift Valley region is strongly in support of the deputy president and President Uhuru Kenyatta’s administration.

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