Hate Opportunist should set as an example to potential ones.

By Sam Mburu K.

Article 33 of Kenyan constitution allows freedom of expression. However, any expression that is war propaganda, incitement to violence, hate speech and advocacy for hatred against ethnic group is not allowed.

The rate at which tribal incitements are growing is alarming. It is in order for those that are propagating tribal hate speech to have in mind what brought down Rwanda into jeopardy about 20 years ago.

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Hate speech can cause mayhem especially if directed to a certain community. This is because the community to which it is directed at is normally undermined, hence, attacks back which can always results into chaos.

One legislator who has been a victim of tribal hate speech is Moses Kuria. Kuria has been consistently using any opportunity to spread hatred against one of the Kenyan communities, not once or twice, but more than three times, he has been arrested for spreading hate speech.

The question that is lingering in everyone’s mind is; does the government have a proper channel to reprimand those who pollute Kenyan minds with tribal hatred?

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Another character who has been on the same hate wagon is Machakos Senator Johnston Muthama.

He has also been repeatedly accused of incitement yet he always walks scot free.

Considering the message he propagated could have land country into political instability.Goerge Aladwa was also caught on camera saying that for opposition leader to become president blood must be shed.

A failure to apprehend the likes of Muthama, Kuria and Aladwa has always led to an outbreak of other groups of politicians circulating hate speech.

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Politicians have realized that no legal action that is taken against those who perpetuate hatred. Recently,Junet Muhammed, Nakuru Governor Kinuthia Mbugua, Aisha Juma,Timothy Bosire as well as Ferdinand Waititu joined the ethnic hate mongers.

Kenyans are watching the action that will be taken against the already snatched hate mongers.

Upon reprimanding those found guilty, politicians will always be careful when uttering anything. Failure to punish them according to the law, it may cause disorder as each tribe tries to imply superiority.

Henceforth, politicians should shun from hate mongering to enhance a peaceful coexistence and political stability.







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