By Jane Njagi


Come on Ladies!Who are we kidding here, Close your Rousey legs.

Come to think of it. Who said that getting a baby at 22 years is the face of being on trend Or is it the ‘in-thing’ or maybe the swag phobia.

At that age you are still a student. Source of income is the HELB fee to the unfortunate or to the wealthy ones, parents.

What will the baby eat? Will it eat that make up that you really invest in, books or the 500 shillings that you save to buy those china flat shoes sold at every street in Nairobi? Come on ladies.

Leave the perverts to give birth just because they do not want disruptions once they start working.

I understand that life is about choices but common you have a choice to swallow those pills up.

No one will judge you if every Sunday morning you rush to the chemist to get the p2s. Okay, come to think of it.

Who said that you will get that job just because you’ve given birth? How sure are you that you will get that job? Okay let us assume that Jesus answers your prayers,( AMEN) and gives you that job that you really need.

Who will really love you again? Definitely the baby daddy who is also a kid like you disappeared. Who will take you again with those sagged boobs, poorly kept woman because you have two mouths to feed , rent to pay, wages to pay( I mean the house girl) and other baby related bills.

Do not forget your mother needs something because she took care of your baby while you were doing your exams.

Okay let’s say the noble man comes along, and loves you fully but are you sure that he will love the “other” man’s baby to the expense of his own.

Nay, unless those sent from heaven which I really doubt because men will still be do***I mean men… And who said that he won’t dump you leaving you with an extra mouth to feed.

Come on women who are we kidding here.

Let me save my time and save yours too. If you can’t CLOSE THOSE LEGS swallow those after pills they are there for you!


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