By Brian Rono

Horrific Combat experiences that Kenyan military-KDF soldiers ever faced at home in history .

Kenya defense forces popularly known as KDF are with no doubt among the best in the continent. Kenya has built a formidable armed force which additionally is the most equipped and a force to reckon in combat all over the world.

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However, at times, despite the fact that their bravery is recorded in the battle fields, here at home, they rarely get to be put on test. Leave alone the 1982 coup attempt, there are other action moment that with no doubt, those who partook it will never forget. This is because the Kenyan military came face to face with the enemy at home. Here are the Records.

1. The Attack on Baure Camp in Lamu

This attack was executed by close to 100 Al-Shabaab Millitants. They closely came in clash with the soldiers who were in the camp at the time. The militants, however, failed terribly in their mission after a number of them were shot in the fight.

Kenyan millitary
Kenyan millitary


2. Attack on Nyali military barracks

In early November 2014, an armed group of youths with red ribbons on their heads descended in the wee hours of the day on the a Kenyan military barrack which is situated in Nyali.

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The millitia group, was ironically armed with machetes and other crude weapons to face the KDF soldiers who of-course are a heavily armed contigent.

This group wanted to capitalize on a number of blunders that they thought the military would probably commit. They tried to force entry into the barrack although the KDF officers were able to repel them with force.

This tested the capability of the Kenyan military barracks security responsiveness in case their facility was on attack. It is believed that the armed youths had been tricked by some witch doctors somewhere that they would be protected from the soldier’s bullets.

Kenyan millitary
Kenyan millitary

However, some met their death on the spot as the soldiers faced them with force. On this fateful date, the militants had orchestrated a plan to burst the soldiers as they were preparing to hand-over during morning shift as it is always normal on their duty when they are on low preparedness moments.

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They were supposed to exchange duty with their fellow soldiers who were on day-time roll. According to what was in the mind for these attackers, the soldiers would be relaxed and therefore they would capitalize on this. However, there dream failed terribly.

3. The west-gate mall attack

Despite the fact that the KDF came in very late after the Kenyan homeland security systems had posted a challenge to the terrorist. They managed to condone the area and fight the terrorist who were holed up in the mall for close to three days.

This was a land-mark combat experience to those soldiers who brought down these ill minded attackers.

Kenyan millitary
Kenyan millitary

4. The Garissa attack

This became the deadliest attack that the Kenya military came across. The Al-shabaab militants were however, subdued after a series of live combat while on a clash with the terrorists.

Kenyan millitary
Kenyan millitary

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