BY Mathioya Mathioya

Humor: In The Tales of Gitugo Series


He was said to be an educational legendry. Anybody who schooled before the eradication of the vernacular languages in the 844 you are sure to have met this man.

If you never entered an art and craft class, attended a Home Science practical or took part in the science and agriculture lesson trip to a nearby commercial farmer or tea factory be sure you do not have an idea of the man.

And now, this is how I met Simon Makonde and the truth behind his legendry oral narrative, a man who lived to be the best in the shortest time possible, Simon Makonde was said to have lived for the shortest time possible ever in the world despite the fact that he did not get to the coveted Guinness book of world records.

He was born on a Monday and named Simon Makonde on Tuesday in Gutugo village, where rats lived in human clothes.

In Gitugo, rats have experience in massaging people. When people sleep, they rule the houses at night, they will feed on half of your skin without even feeling the pain.

Mathioya Mathioya senior was lucky to have interacted with this man who is yet to be documented by the world archives. As Mathioya Senior explains, Simon Makonde grew up to schooling age on the same Tuesday and joined Gitugo primary school and by evening, he had completed both primary and secondary school.

Details of whether he joined college are said to have been with-held by the then senior-chief Makonde who doubled as his father in-law.

After Simon Makonde’s schooling in Gitugo village he was married on Wednesday to the then senior-chief’s daughter who admired Simon’s life to a point he allowed him to marry his daughter.

Documentation of whether he sired any kid are found in a scanty manner since all that is said is that on Thursday, he was taken ill.

The Friday, he was admitted to Gitugo Hospital where the whole village was disappointed to learn the sad news via the top village rumor monger and drunkard Njomo.

Simon Makonde died on Saturday and the whole Gitugo village mourned this man. When the news spread, all Gitugo residents gathered in unison to cry for this unique man.

The news spread to the neighboring villages and that were separated by rivers and valleys.

On Sunday, Simon Makonde was buried in Gitugo village leaving a great legacy that up to the time the vernacular studies were brought down by the enemies of development, he had made his name.


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