By Jane Njagi


Sex is no-longer being taken pure as it used to be. Girls as young as 10 years are having sex. Below, you will see how Kenyan celebrities prey for cheap sex from school girls un-noticed.

Our cultural values are eroding at a very high rate roughly at a 30 percent. Well, you may think that this is happening in the West only but also in Africa.

In Kisii, their was a woman who became a mother at 10 years. It was neither forced sex (rape) nor a forced marriage as many may think or expect. It was a mutual decision.

Should we blame the child, the parents or the man who impregnated her? What are the likely factors that are causing sexual activities at a young age?

Is virginity a choice or lack of an opportunity? This statement introduces us to one factor; peer pressure.

Most teens in secondary schools are seen as washambas if they have never had sex. In boys’ schools, a boy is labeled ‘the man’ if he sleeps with as many girls as possible.

This also applies to girls who fight to be celebrities in their schools by dating and sleeping with cute boys in the brother schools.

Some end up breaking their virginity to people they would not stand later in life.

Having been to a high school where the size of your shopping and your pocket money dictates your fate in the school, I can tell how girls today are sleeping with old men (older than their parents), to get two thousand shillings for their pocket money and to have a huge load of shopping.

This is not only in high schools but also in universities and colleges. I can write much about behind the walls of high schools and universities hostels but the question is can we control this? Who are the stakeholders who should play the role in correcting this?

From where I come from, the sex talk is only an illusion and it is mostly said in parables.

Parents are my other factor. From my personal experience, I knew about sex from a group discussion in a biology class, from my colleagues and NOT my teacher.

Parents leave the teachers to do this talk. Some teachers may give the talk but what about to girls like me who never heard much of it from the teacher? Parents have a responsibility to tell their children as young as 9 years about sex.

How it is, when it should be done what are the precautions that should be taken and what are the results of having sex, both positive and negative. It may be a difficult task to the parent but it also creates trust between the parents and the children. They will feel free to tell you about the emotional and physical changes in their body.

We live in the selfie world which technology is in our hands. As the days pass by so does technology keeps on changing.

We just need to Google search our problems and we get as many results as possible from all over the world.

There are many sex sites online that offer free downloads of pornographic videos and pictures.

Others are giving lessons on how to make sex life more interesting. As long as you know to type the words and read then you can access them, so no age limits. They are more vulnerable to this.

Since every country is embracing digital learning so it will be hard to control the young people from accessing these sites.

This takes us back to the role of parents or the guardian. They should create an environment between them and the children that will enable them get to know what the children are doing.

Much can be said about sex.

The big question is; is pre-marital sex a sin anymore? I need to understand, is the world insane by producing condoms for 9 years old?





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