By Allan Boit

Hundreds Throg UHURuto Developmental Rallies In Rift-Valley Dwarfing Gideon Moi’s Parallel Baraza in Baringo.

Things came into a standstill when the president alongside his deputy toured Nakuru town today.

It was business unusual when the duo arrived in Nakuru town as masses jostled to hear from the president and his deputy.


This was a reciprocal of another mammoth political meeting that almost overwhelmed them in Baringo and Molo as they both tour the regions for development.

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In Baringo, the deputy president was the pointman leaving behind the area senator Gideon Moi who politically is embarrassed after being humiliated in Kericho.

Technically, things seem to indicate that despite the fact that Moi’s son has been opposing the deputy president vehemently throughout his period as a senator, he has also been humled into a political kid which is forcing him to lay low in public gatherings.

The Kenyan media has been indicating that the Baringo senator had gained grounds a thing which is not the real fact on the ground.

The president and his deputy have today launched development projects in a number of towns in Nyandarua County.

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