The ICC’s prosecutor  closes case against DP Ruto and Sang. Fatou Bensouda has ultimately notified the pr-trial chamber and parties that she has closed down the case facing the Kenya Deputy President and Joshua Arap Sang.

This decision comes at a time that the prosecutor is facing a hard task in trying to mend her evidence against the two. Late last year, the case against the Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta was dropped after the prosecutor claimed she lacked evidence.

This is a positive twist to the defense team of the deputy president and Joshua Sang who have been grappling with the latest intrigues of the admissibility of the courts decision that allowed recanted evidence to be used against the two.

According Royal media Services digital editor Koome Kimonye who posted the breaking news in their digital platform, the prosecutor notified the parties and participants in the case.

Citizens digital wrote, “In a letter Bensouda wrote;” “In compliance with the Trial Chamber’s order ICC-01/09-01/11-1948-Conf, the Prosecution hereby notifies the Trial Chamber, Parties and participants that it formally closes the Prosecution’s case.”

Detail of the letter are not yet out since the judges in the case will have to make a decision in relation to the case thereafter to know the state of the emerging issues.

This is a positive move since Kenyan legislators had converged at the Kiptororo shrines to pray for the Deputy President and Joshua Arap Sang. The prayer meeting was attended by hundreds of Kenyan legislators drawn from both CORD which is the Kenyan opposition wing and Jubilee.

Kenyan politicians have been showing solidarity in trying to show the support of the two Kenyans. The prosecution at ICC is said to have done a dubious investigation under the watch of Luis Moreno Ocampo who was in charge of this International court. Ocampo handed down the case over to Fatou Bensouda who has been having a hard time to meddle with the poorly investigated case.



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