The Kenyan Governors have earlier this week shocked themselves with a surprising award dubbed the Governors Awards. Questions are emerging in relation to this dubious award since they themselves are the facilitators.

Kenyan media outlets reported on the award which has included a number of corporate sponsors but the originator of the award seems to be the same governors.

This is despite the fact that the said county chief executives are involved in a number of un-doings that have immensely tainted their image in the Kenyan public domain.

The award seems to be ridicule to the people of Kenya. There are a million reasons why it should not be the case. The Kenyan health sector which was devolved seems to be in real jeopardy after it was left on the hands of the county government in the name of devolution.

Health workers have downed their tools for a period of one month something that has left the public in total disarray bearing in mind they are the ones responsible with ensuring Kenyans live in safe environment free from diseases.

The award seems to be bringing a number of controversies. This is simply because it is a hard thing to determine in relation to their performance. There is no Kenyan who can approve any award meant to go to the county chiefs since they think all what they expected did not come to pass.

The devolved county infrastructure with the likes of roads and other social amenities that were left in their hands are in total sorry state. Discomfort is brewing among the Kenyan public who in a matter of time might turn against them.

Accountability has rocked the county chief’s quarters with some being accused of spending the public funds in un warranted means that have not been approved by anybody.

Some of the governors have been running away from accountability whenever asked to answer questions relating to the issue. this leaves one to wonder how will the award go by since almost all the governors are in the accountability mix.

Corruption in the county offices has also caused jitters within. Corruption has been evident in all the county offices and unless they deal with the issues affecting their offices, no Kenyan who will recognize them and when the electioneering time will beckon, they will have themselves to blame.


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