By Elvis Mbura

It’s Head To Head; Final Opinion Polls for Malindi and Kericho By-Election out as CORD Sympathizers defect to DP Ruto’s Jubilee In Malindi.

You thought it was a joke; the warring parties in the upcoming by elections in Malindi and Kericho are leaving nothing to chance.

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According to a survey conducted by a joint team from reputable media houses and data analysts, opinion polls for the Malindi and Kericho by-elections are projecting something adversarial for the parties.

It is not clear who will win in both polls according to the survey that was conducted for the last one week.

In Malindi, CORD willy Mtengo is on a Kneck to kneck tie with his counterpat Phillip Charo with a 43% tie on the dot.

This is after the CORD brigade led by the former premier Raila Odinga traversed the Malindi region for close to three days which watered down Jubilee team effort led by Mike Sonko spirited fight for the last one month.

In Kericho, Cord is said to be making secret support for the KANU candidate by using its former political remnants in Kericho County.

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This is what has been putting pressure over the Jubilee led brigade in Kericho. In Kericho, Jubilee’s Aaron Cheriuyot support is hanging at 53% to KANU’s 48% bearing in mind there is a marginal error in the statistics.

Last month, Jubilee’s candidate in Kericho had a substancial 57% support with KANU’s candidate struggling to make a bare 30% hit.

Consequently, two contenders in the malindi by-election have dropped in the race to support Jubilees Philip Charo.

They include Peter Ponda of Chama Cha Uzalendo party and Fraud Kombe of Federal Party of Kenya.

This is a boost to the Jubilee brigade bearing in mind the two had an impact on the latest polls.

It leaves their supporters with no option but support Charo who is highly taunted to win the poll.

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