By Ndirangu Wambugu

son of soil


Jubilee government isn’t the solution to our Kenyan problems, rather the main problem

A true leader, they say, has ability to stand alone and courage to make tough decisions, coupled with compassion to listen to the needs of others.

He makes not himself a leader, by equality he becomes one through his actions and the integrity of his intent.

I certainly would love to hear the definition of a true leader as per our political class, because I would better a soul it’s nowhere near this?

Maybe impunity, wanton corruption, tribalism, nepotism and such like parameters would prominently feature in their definition.

Regimes changes but the rules of the game don’t.

Most Kenyans would probably concur that the jubilee government isn’t the solution to our Kenyan problems, rather the main problem.

But again, should we be surprised or is it that we are acting ignorant of the obvious.

When we were warned of the Uhuruto presidency, abroad and locally, we made all those rants of imperialism and knowing what we wanted, but wait, is what we are getting what we envisaged from the duo?

When a government plays along a script drafted by outsourced foreign public relations (PR) firms instead of the Wanjiku’s then it is safe to assume the future is bleak.

The myriad problems facing wananchi truly calls for a bold son/daughter of the soil to confront them head on!

For when problems aren’t addressed they eventually become an emergency and by then a revolution is inevitable.

Let’s face it, while we are crying foul of the government how better is the opposition?

To imagine that the opposition solution to the recent teachers – government standoff was to have a fund’s drive by the citizens is just hilarious.

When the government signed a sugar deal with Uganda, the opposition was up in arms crying ill of how jubilee intends to kill the sugar sector in the country and oversee sugar cane farmers condemned to poverty.

The harshest critics among the vocal western Kenya politicians categorized the alleged signing of an MOU with Uganda as tantamount to economic crime.

Just before we could accord CORD our blessings in their pursuit to liberate sugarcane farmers, it emerged their leader Raila owed several sugar companies unsecured debts, a fact which hugely contributed to their collapse.

This interesting development was all it took the opposition to go silent on the sugar deal.

The typical CORD politicians thought it best not to trade the kidneys of their king for the liberation of our sugar cane farmers. Such an opposition guided by selfish individual interest is surely as dead as dodo.

At the end of the day one can only pose and wonder,” From whence come our politicians?” Last I checked, with the exception of Moses Kuria who was selected all these other leaders are elected by us.

Bad leadership is what good people get for voting in bad leaders.

When the bourgeois is indifferent to politics, bad leadership is the currency they get paid by.

Worse off are those ninjas who perceive themselves as enlightened and forego elections all the same with the usual “mimi na siasa hatuelewani”

Eventually, despite lack of clear cut development agenda and massive embezzlement of our funds, our typical leaders inspired by Nicollo Machiavelli’s gospel do what needs to be done and true, the end justifies the means.

Be it bribery, rigging and all kinds of manipulation, they assume their former positions and the cycle continuous.

The skyrocketing recycling rate of leaders in elective positions is a pointer to this fact.

In words of Woodrow Wilson what our leaders from both divide of the house never seem to realize is that they aren’t here to merely make a living but rather to make this nation to live more amply, with greater vision, with a finer spirit of hope and achievement.

Lest it be interpreted I am asking for angels for leaders, I am not!! Neither am I asking for leaders without weaknesses, instead show your strength.

Eventually, leadership isn’t about great speeches and how much Kenya liked you, that’s superficial and will certainly be forgotten, the legacy lies with how much you did.

How well you delivered in our social contract when voting you in.

Nobody can ride on our backs if they aren’t bend, time is nigh to straighten them and reclaim our dignity. Kenyans deserve better.

Son of the soil,Ndirangu wambugu.




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